Richard’s Story

First,  Please check back daily for updates on the site, especially the Media link and the Fundraiser link.

Thank you all, Richards family, friends and all the people Richard has touched over the years with his amazing personality, humor and heart. As you can clearly see we have revised our site thanks to a very special group of people. It will evolve with whats going on with media and fundraisers and most importanly Rich’s condition.

Thank you for all your support, love and guidance through this tough time for Richard, Sheila and the kids. As you may or may not know, they are extremely overwhelmed with the level of immediate love, generousity and support that has been so quickly demonstrated towards there family.

We will update Richards condition as often as required. At the very moment the family and hospital has asked for a “NO VISITOR” policy until Richard progresses to a stage whereby he feels more comfortable and his condition is more stable. Please understand the family appreciates the concern you have shown, however there is alot we are working towards and need help in many areas, so if you feel you can spare a few minutes, hour, day whatever works within your schedules, obviously the family would greatly appreciate it.

There is a core group of people trying to create a short term and long term plan through many different channels, however there are never enough. A fundraiser is a very big part of our plan and that will take place when we feel we have a significant amount of resources to apply so its a major success, in the meantime, little projects are in the works and whatever ideas you feel would help the Morrison family, please send it off to.

We promise the site will provide and meet the immediate concerns required in order to accommodate what we all know is required.

As you can see the Donation link is ready and good to go for Paypal, CIBC direct deposits and Interac email transfers.

As you know there is so much to talk about when it comes to describing Rich as a person, he is a very witty, selfless, giving and emotional man. Not a pretentious bone in him. He has lived in White Rock for about 23 years and is 47 years of age born September 24th, 1964. Rich is rare because he has so many great friends, so many friends that love him and he loves. Most people are lucky to have a one or two people they can call a best friend throughout there entire life. Not Rich, he doesn’t Judge people, he doesnt take things too personally, he sees the good in a person before he sees the bad. He would rather walk away before engaging in an argument, he would rather spend his time remembering to call you on your birthday, and he does it well.

His family: Shelia his beautiful strong wife, Johnny his 6 year old son who is a replica of Rich, his daughter Jessa who is 4 in May, his pride and joy and a beautiful little girl. Rich’s mom Irene lives in Florida, his sister Cathy who lives in Phoenix, two brothers one named Michael who lives in Edmonton and the brother named Stephen who lives in Calgary, Richards dad John passed years ago and many members of the extended family.

As some of you know, that were close to Rich, that he was a very active man and loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, travelling and clearly playing, watching and knowing Hockey was his number one passion when it came to sports. He played every week and I can honestly say, he put his everything into it. He played for the Titans hockey team with myself and a locker room of his best friends. He played pickup when he had a spare hour before or after work. He could’nt get enough.

Rich worked at Sutton Group Realty in White Rock B.C along with myself as a Realtor. He also drove bus for Handy Dart, helping people all day long. He was trying to do what he could to enjoy life, love his family, which was effortless and quite simply, just be a happy go lucky guy. He felt more blessed than anyone knowing that he had a healthy family and great friends

Unfortunately, on April 21st, 2012, Rich was playing hockey at 8 rinks in Burnaby and during playing hockey, he took a terrible fall that led him to crash into the boards. The details are still a little unclear, but that fall led to him to compressing his spine, which has left him paralyzed and unable to walk with little movement in his upper body. The injury is very fresh so its very difficult to understand the full scope of what has transpired physically and how he will recover short term and long term. We know its as serious as it gets and we know we need to help, we know we need to demonstrate that we are now there for Rich and his family.

I will update this section as more information is available.

Thank You,


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